About Me

The epiphany behind this work…

The more men that heal themselves, the more men there will be to love, protect, and care for women, children, and the planet.

My name is Jeanne Floresca and I am a healer, minister, and writer of, Unification: Bridging Your Ego and Divine Self Consciousness. I write about personal growth and spirituality to help people realize they can be their own salvation; I encourage people to look within, heal their shadows, discover their purpose and champion them to create a meaningful life.

Taking direction from a mentor, I created Matrix Love Coach to help men find more love in their lives. I think everyone deserves love, among all other things that help make a person happy, but after 15 years in the health & wellness industry—mainly helping women and children—I thought it’s time to do something that was directed toward men.

A man who is happy, balanced, and full of love can do more good for humanity.

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