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Feeling Bad About Your Looks and All the Male Beauty Propaganda?

Feeling bad about how you look? Do you feel pressure to look like the men you see on magazines? If so, then you are a victim of male beauty propaganda.

Male beauty propaganda is just like female beauty propaganda and it’s the campaign to promote one look that is unattainable by most people.

For men, it’s about having 6-pack abs and a ultra-manicured, bearded face (at the moment).

If you feel pressure to look this way, if you’re stressed trying so hard to be perfect, or if you believe that without “good-looks” your life won’t be meaningful, you won’t be happy, and you won’t be able to find love—then watch our video that shows you how to deal and heal the problems of trying to attain the media’s version of the perfect male look.

In the video I go in detail about the 4 ways to deal with male beauty propaganda which are:

  1. Stop looking at these particular images.
  2. Heal the bad memories that caused your self-image insecurities in the first place.
  3. Foster new beliefs that boost your self-confidence and self-esteem.
  4. Do activities that make you feel good that having nothing to do with how you look.

You were not boring feeling inferior in any way. You learned these negative self beliefs—the beliefs that have you thinking wrong about yourself—that you need to look a certain way or be perfect in order to be happy and find love.

It’s time to fix that.

Stop letting media dictate how you feel about yourself. Heal yourself.

If you need help healing your negative self-beliefs, bad memories, and social programming that has you  messed up in the head—preventing you from loving yourself and attracting more love in your life—then I would be happy to work together.

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