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How to “Feel Your Feelings” Using EFT

Feel your feelings because it will help you create a more meaningful life. Being able to feel your feelings deeply will help you experience more joy and love while experiencing the more difficult feelings will help you grow as a person.

Watch the video for more insight and here is a breakdown of the EFT technique I spoke about.

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Chasing the Feeling and Surrendering through EFT

(“Chasing the Feeling” is an adaptation of “Chasing the Pain” of EFT)

The Goal of this Exercise is to:

  1. To get in touch with your feelings
  2. To feel your feelings more deeply and relate them to your body
  3. To connect these feelings with past memories (where you first learned to feel this way or learned to stop feeling this way)

The Exercise:

  1. Find a quiet place where you can feel comfortable and relaxed
  2. Begin with tapping on your collar bone and taking a few deep breaths
  3. Describing the situation and the feelings you think you’re having
    • Speak out loud to articulate your thoughts and clarify your feelings
  4. Ask yourself “Where are you feeling this in your body?”
  5. Describe the “look and feel” of the feeling in your body (watch example on the video)
    • This aspect helps you to embody the feelings — to become aware that these feelings are happening within your body (not just in your mind)
    • During this time images and memories may come up — pay attention tho this because there is a connection
  6. Surrender to the emotions your feeling
    • Surrendering is a “giving-in” act — you willingly let yourself feel the feelings as deep as you can
    • More images and stronger emotions may arise because of this — make note
  7. The exercise is done when you are all “tapped-out” — when you have nothing more to say or that your feelings have subsided in some way

If you need help in feeling your feelings or to heal and make better the emotions or memories that have come up for you during the exercise, I would be happy to work together.

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