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Matrix Birth Reimprinting: How Your Birth May Affect Your Life & Love Beliefs

As a Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner, one of the areas of work we do with our clients is healing their birth experience.

We gather much of our beliefs from our past experiences. Our ability to connect, communicate, receive, and give with others stem from what we learned growing up.

In the Matrix Reimprinting work we do, we may go as far back as a person’s birth experience because sometimes that’s where men pick up their negative beliefs about life.

How we come into the world affects how we live in it. Of course, an extension of that is how we love.

Watch the video for examples of how Matrix Birth Reimprinting can help with this type of healing. Matrix Birth Reimprinting which was created by Sharon King, author of Heal Your Birth Heal Your Life.

[EFT and Matrix Reimprinting] is a form of energy psychology where you imagine working with your younger self who experienced trauma to release shock and any negative emotions, beliefs, and recreating a more positive and empowered picture. EFT and Matrix Reimprinting can be used in any traumatic experience to help you to move forward in life and release trauma. The Matrix Birth Reimprinting focus on healing the time we are in utero and birth and very early childhood.” – Sharon King author of Heal Your Birth, Heal Your Life

If you need help healing your birth experience—because of the limiting beliefs you may have learned from it—then I would be happy to work together.

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