Do You Self-Sabotage?

Healing “Self-Sabotage” with EFT & Matrix Reimprinting

To self-sabotage is to do something that goes against your goal or desire. In the case of a person who wants more love in their lives or to experience a long term relationship—they would do things that would prevent them from feeling and achieving that.

Some ways a person can self-sabotage love and their relationships are:

  • Being mean or disrespectful to their partner for no reason
  • Cheating on their partner even though they think they love them
  • Doing things that they know will anger their partner
  • Acting in a way that will create drama in the relationship
  • Creating “rules” regarding people and relationships that are unrealistic and / or uncompromising
  • Only date people for a short period of time
  • Have multiple partners
  • Showing potential partners their “bad” side or habits so they leave them
  • Finding fault easily in others so that they have reason to leave them

Much of these self-sabotaging techniques stem from the person believing in one or several of these limiting core beliefs: “I’m unlovable”, “I’m insignificant”, “I’m flawed”, “I’m bad”, “I’m not good enough”, “I’ll be abandoned”, and “I must be perfect to be loved.” (There could be more.)

Does this resonate with you?

Do you feel like you self-sabotage your love life?

If the answer is yes — what negative core belief do you think you’re acting out?

If you want to stop sabotaging your chances at enjoying real love and a meaningful commitment, then I’m happy to tell you that EFT & Matrix Reimprinting—in a remarkably short period of time—can help you change those limiting beliefs so that you can begin to experience the love-life of your dreams.

When I work with a client who has a pattern of self-sabotage, there are four things we work on. First, we look at their relationships and use EFT to discharge any lingering emotional intensity. Next, we go to a memory(s) using Matrix Reimprinting to heal  whatever acts that were done to sabotage the relationship. We then go deep into their childhood and see where the negative core belief was learned, healing that, and imprinting a new and positive image that reverses those beliefs. Finally, we future map—think of this as a super-goal-setting-session—where we imagine a positive future relationship and then go about learning what needs to happen in order for that to manifest.

Depending on how many negative core beliefs you have and the different life-experiences holding up those beliefs that need to be healed, the treatment I just described can be done in a few EFT & Matrix Reimprinting sessions.  In that time, you can expect to heal, close, and move on from the limiting beliefs that have caused you to self-sabotage your love life.

It’s never too late to rethink your past—shift your perspective—so that you are empowered rather than disempowered by your experience. Stop self-sabotaging. It’s not making you happy. It’s not giving you the love you deserve.

YOU can take action now, heal, and move on to something better.

Email me today and get to the other side of the rainbow already.


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