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EFT for Boosting Self Confidence – Tapping Script

Use this EFT tapping script video to boost your self confidence. Do this exercise when you need more confidence than usual as when you’re going to a job interview, a night out, if you have to give a speech, or anything of that nature.

With EFT, you can increase your feelings of self-worth. Use EFT for your positive affirmations and any other good beliefs you wish to have about yourself.

During the tapping you may see images or remember bad memories that may have affected your confidence level throughout the years. Events from childhood—failures, disappointments, being made of fun or ridiculed—can still be affecting your confidence level today through the beliefs you learned from the experience.

If we heard growing up that we’re “stupid,” we’re “no good,” that we’ll “amount to nothing,” it’s quite possible that we came to believe certain negative beliefs about ourselves such as “I’m not good enough”, “I’m not capable”, “I’m unlovable”, and so on. If these limiting self-beliefs are still what we believe as adults—then our confidence will surely suffer. If you have these beliefs and unpleasant memories, accept that these are areas of your life that need healing.

If you need help addressing these “blocks”—negative ideas embedded in your psyche—that are preventing you from being more confident and therefore limiting the amount of joy and love you experience, then I would be happy to work together.

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