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Are you ready to find love?

If you think you may want to work with me, take a few minutes to fill out my Client Intake form and email it back to me. You can also email me any questions or concerns you may have and I’ll respond within 48 hours. From there, we can book your first session if you wish.

The methods I use are very effective and some issues can be resolved in a single session, but many issues need more time and so I recommend purchasing a 5 session package as that gives us the room to go deeper to resolve the situation thoroughly.

Problems such as intense emotional pain, abuse, trauma, and physical issues that stem from emotional causes may require 10 or more sessions to see and feel real change.  I offer discounts on five and ten session packages as I want to support your efforts and commitment to improving your life.

My sessions are 90 minutes and are done through Skype or phone. I do offer a full-day healing session in an office in San Francisco, CA.

EFT & Matrix Reimprinting Session Rate & Packages:

buyButton1 – 90 min session – $150.00

buyButtonPackage of Five – $700.00 (save $50.00)

buyButtonPackage of Ten – $1350 (save $150.00)  

Whole Day Healing Marathon:

buyButton8 Hours of Healing – $1500 (9:00am-6:00pm with 1 hour for lunch done in San Francisco)

♥ Same Day Phone Appointment:

buyButtonSame Day—2 hour—Appointment for “emotional emergencies” – $300 (If you are having a medical or psychiatric emergency CALL 911)

Please Note:  All sessions are paid in advance. I have a 24 hour cancellation policy on all sessions.

Not sure if EFT & Matrix Reimprinting is for you? Fill out the comment form below. Ask me your questions and tell me your concerns and I’ll let you know if I can help. I will respond within 48 hours.

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I am NOT a medical doctor, licensed psychologist, or psychotherapist. I make no claims to diagnose, prescribe, treat, or cure any disease, physical or mental. I offer my services as a self-help educator and ordained minister. Persons with a psychological or physical illness that require a medical doctor, psychologist, or psychotherapist should contact licensed practitioners. EFT and Matrix Reimprinting are not a substitute for professional health care. Information provided on this website is for general education and not intended to replace qualified medical or psychological advice.

If you consent to an EFT & Matrix Reimprinting private or group session you must agree to hold Jeanne Floresca and anyone affiliated with MatrixLoveCoach.com from any claims, liability, or loss incurred directly or indirectly by you as a result of the use, participation, or application of any techniques or methods used in a session.